Just in from the Montecito Water District: The Boil Notice is LIFTED!

There are instructions previously circulated to restaurants on flushing your lines so as to be able to comply with the Health Dept regulations to reopen. But a huge hurdle has been crossed today!
Thank you MWD!Further details:Montecito Water District in conjunction with the State Water Resources Control Board has determined that, through abatement of the health hazard and comprehensive testing, the water in the Montecito Water District is safe to drink EXCEPT at the addresses indicated below:

  1. ALL properties on Rockbridge Road, Brook Lane, Clover Lane, Ivy Lane, Indian Point Lane, Garden Lane, Meadow Lane, Theater Lane, and Glen Oaks Drive
  2. Ashley Road: 680, 684, 712, 735 – 875
  3. Ayala Lane: 790, 804
  4. East Mountain Drive: 1015, 1031, 1061-1100, 1125-1135, 1160-1180, 1225-1260
  5. East Valley Road: 1664, 1703, 1705, 1725, 1801, 1819
  6. El Bosque Road: 800
  7. Meadow Wood Lane: 500, 550, 560, 570
  8. Parra Grande Lane: 567, 614, 630, 631, 645, 651 and 655
  9. Riven Rock Road: 720 - 880
  10. Sycamore Canyon Road: 2535

The Boil Water Notice remains in effect for the addresses listed above. For customers of the Montecito Water District it is no longer necessary to boil your tap water except at those properties listed above.

Assembly Member Monique Limon popped by with an invitation for you.
The California Insurance Commissioner is coming to town.

Darcel Elliott from Supervisor Das Williams' office have provided the information below on removing mud and debris from your property.

And the Red Cross is HERE with us! 
They're going to be manning the Coast Village Recovery Center at 1235A Coast Village Rd, 9 AM to 5 PM. Here's what they've got on offer:
1. Case Work
2. Disaster Mental Health Care and Counseling
3. Disaster Spiritual Care and a Condolence team to help notify as the family wishes.
4. Clean-up kits (shovels on loan, squeegees, masks, gloves.)
5. TONS of water
6. The N95 masks
7. Bacteria-safety glovesRenaud's brought us pastries, and Jeannine's is showering everyone with love and cookies, so please shower them with love too!

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